Eligibility Requirements: 


1. You must apply as an individual to season one of The Ultimate Challenge Canada (the “Competition”), to be produced by Insight LOEC LTD. (“Producer”). 

2. You must be available and willing to participate in the Competition for a period of approximately thirty-five (35) days, on such dates to be determined by Producer in its sole discretion, with approximately twenty-three other participants. If you are chosen to participate in the Competition, it is your responsibility to make any necessary personal and financial arrangements with your employers and family in anticipation of your extended absence from work and home. If selected to participate in the Competition, the Producer will provide the necessary transportation, accommodations, meals and per diem.  


3. The Competition will consist of a number of physical and mental challenges that may involve twists of plot and elements of surprise. If you are chosen to participate in the Competition, you will be videotaped, filmed, portrayed, photographed and otherwise have recordings of you and your actions broadcast and exploited throughout the duration of the Competition and broadcast and exploited in perpetuity in any language, manner, communication, and/or media whatsoever, in all forms whether current or developed in future (whether or not foreseeable), at the sole discretion of the Producer.  


4. You must be willing and legally be able to travel within Canada, on such dates and at such locations as Producer shall designate in its sole discretion.    


5. You may have the chance to win a prize and/or other such prizes (“Prize(s)”) as may be available in Producer and/or Broadcaster’s (defined below) discretion. Prizes will not be awarded until after the broadcast of the final episode of the show and in accordance with the procedures established by Producer in its sole discretion. 


6. You must be nineteen (19) years of age by April 1st, 2022. 


7. You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. 


8. You and must possess a valid Canadian drivers license by March 1st, 2022 that is valid for at least six (6) months from that date. 


9. You must be in good health and be able to withstand the physical and mental rigor of the Competition. You must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to February 13, 2022. 


10. If you are selected to be interviewed, you may be given, and must complete and return, any further application materials (including, but not limited to, medical history forms, psychological and health questionnaires), or submit further documentation as may be required by Producer in its sole discretion for purposes of determining if you are physically and mentally capable of completing the Competition, for casting, and other such similar decisions in connection with your  application to the Competition.    


11. If you are selected by the Producer for an interview for the Competition, you must be willing to travel at your own expense to be interviewed at a time to be scheduled by the Producer in its sole discretion, subject to all federal, provincial and territorial  COVID-19 public health measures and advice. 


12. If selected as a semi-finalist for the casting selection process of the Competition, you must complete the Participant Form Package, which will be furnished to you by the Producer which will include, but is not limited to: Participant Agreement & Release, psychological and medical assessments, Confidentiality Agreement (including those for your immediate family members), Caretaker Agreement and other additional information as required by Producer. You must also submit to physical and psychological examinations by medical professional(s) selected by the Producer and meet all physical and psychological requirements. 


13. By applying to participate in the Competition, you authorize the Producer to conduct civil, criminal, financial, driver-history and any other types of background checks deemed necessary by the Producer. 


14. Employees, officers, directors and agents of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (“Broadcaster”), Insight LOEC Ltd., Insight Productions Ltd., The Gurin Company, any sponsor of the Competition, and/or any of their respective licensees, assigns, parents, affiliated and subsidiary companies and the immediate family (spouse, mother, father, sister, brother, daughter or son, regardless of where they live) or members of their same households (whether related or not) of such employees, officers, directors and agents are not eligible to be participants on The Ultimate Challenge Canada or participate in the application process.  Additionally, Producer and Broadcaster reserve the right to render ineligible any person who either of them determines, in either’s sole discretion, is sufficiently connected with the production or distribution of The Ultimate Challenge Canada (including, through a connection to any sponsor of The Ultimate Challenge Canada or a contest or prize related thereto), such that his/her participation in The Ultimate Challenge Canada could result in or create the appearance of impropriety.   During the casting process, applicants will be chosen by the Producer in its sole discretion to create a pool of finalists.  The Producer reserves the right to change any of the application terms and process at any time or to select or not select anyone at its sole discretion. 


The Producer is looking for a dynamic group who are articulate, interesting and exhibit enthusiasm for the Competition. In addition, the Producer is looking for participants that are outgoing and adventurous. You must be willing to exert yourself in the face of mental and physical challenges, events (solo, tandem and team) and other obstacles that will be found in and around the Competition. The group of participants, while meeting the technical requirements of the program, must also have sufficient emotional, physical and psychological capacity to endure approximately thirty-five (35) days in any number of conditions, environments and climates.   


Application Instructions: 

Applicants MUST go to www.theultimatechallengecanadacasting.com to fill out an Online Application, agree to the Online Agreement and Release and submit photographs and a video.  Please take careful note to follow all instructions on the website and carefully review the Broadcaster’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.  




The application deadline at this time is February 18 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, but may be changed at any time. 

All materials you send us (including videotape and photos) will be retained by the Producer and will become the property of the Producer and will not be returned to you whether or not you are selected as a participant in the Competition.  Any expenses you incur during the application process including postage, internet usage, shipping and materials preparation (videotape, photos, etc.) are your sole responsibility.  Producer will not reimburse you for these expenses.   


All decisions of the Producer are final and absolute and not subject to inquiry or challenge. 


If you have successfully completed the Online Application, you will receive an automatic email notification, however, Producer will be unable to respond to any inquiries about your status as an applicant.  


If you are selected for an interview, you will be advised by the Producer shortly before the interview is scheduled.   


If you are selected to participate in the final selection process, you will be so advised by the Producer shortly before the final selection process is scheduled. 


Producer reserves the right to change the terms of the application and the production schedule at any time. Producer reserves the right to change the eligibility requirements and any other application rules in its sole discretion at any time with or without notice on a specific, case-by-case basis or across the entire application pool. Producer also reserves the right to not hold any participant applicant interviews, or to modify the manner in which it conducts participant applicant interviews, or to not produce the first season of The Ultimate Challenge Canada at all. 


Application Checklist 

Please ensure all of the following documents have been reviewed carefully and are completed fully before they are submitted.  Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed or considered for participation on The Ultimate Challenge Casting Thank you for your interest and good luck! 


□ Online Application, including the following: 

□ Online Agreement and Release; 

□ Video submission;  

□ One (1) recent photo of yourself   


For further clarity this means you will be submitting the following: 

  • 2 x Photos 

  • 1 x Video 

  • Filling out 1 Online Application